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“The permeable concrete parking lot you constructed for us using Ecocrete has been very successful. We have been very pleased with its appearance and performance. The use of the material saved us considerable expense since we did not have to build a detention pond…”

Lindley Fowler, Treasurer
Wells Branch Church of Christ

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“After 10 years of use (with one year of extreme snowfall, 380 inches) snow blowers and freeze-thaw cycles, the pervious concrete appears to remain structurally sound with no aggregate disjointing or unraveling edges…”

Kansas McGahan, P.E., Senior Engineer
Placer County Dept. of Public Works

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“The parking lot is holding up very well and continues to function the way it was designed. We are very happy with our decision to use Ecocreto and I would recommend this system to anyone that needs to utilize their property more efficiently…”

Greg Dettman, Vice President
Town and Country Optimist Club

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